God communicates to us through the Bible. Our church leaders and congregation have a goal that everyone learn God’s gospel message, develop their own personal faith and put it into action. At Lake Travis Church of Christ, you will receive a thorough education on the word of God to allow you to grow in faith, service and love for God.

Sunday Morning Classes

All of our classes are currently involved in a study of the book of Romans

Each class is supplied with age appropriate materials while we all study the same curriculum throughout all classes. This is meant to facilitate conversations at home as well as in our classrooms.

Currently we have the following classes meeting each Sunday morning starting at 9:00 AM

Infant – Pre-Kindergarten

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

6th Grade – High School


Wednesday Night Classes

1st Wednesday of the Month – Bible Study

2nd Wednesday of the Month – Bible Study

3rd Wednesday of the Month – Bible Study

4th Wednesday of the Month – Bible Study

5th Wednesday of the Month (as needed) – Scripture, Prayer, and Singing Service

World Bible School

This free Bible study program connects people worldwide and in our community to learn more about God’s Word. Church members participate as World Bible School study helpers to assist others in understanding the Bible. Enroll in a course here.

Seeking God in Love and Service.